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Welcome on board!

Congratulations! You have something to celebrate.

A company party, a wedding or an anniversary. Or a large order requiring extra (temporary) work for foreign staff. Or a spectacular product launch for the European market. Or your festival or congress is a resounding success in advance: already fully booked!

And now the accommodation.

Is a standard solution sufficient for your accommodation needs or would you prefer something special? Are you looking for quality and comfort, because only the best is good enough for your guests, employees, or business relations? And most importantly, do you require flexible options and customised solutions, without having to pay exorbitant prices?

Are you looking for affordable yet luxurious, quality accommodations?

Rent a River Cruise Ship! Rijfers River Cruises rents luxury river cruise ships and offers maximum discounts in both early and late seasons. An inexpensive alternative that provides luxury sailing!

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Rijfers River Cruises

  • Top quality with a maximum discount
  • 4+ star (****+) catering
  • spacious cabins
  • flexible options
  • every & each accommodation request can be met
  • non-committal guided tour
  • tailor-made offer.

Our River Cruise Ships are for rent.

Would you like to know more? Contact Rijfers River Cruises. We’ll think along with you and offer you’re the best customised solution.

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