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New River Cruise Ships!

The fleet has been further expanded with brand-new ships: the Asara, Alena I & Andrea II. Luxury passenger vessels of 135 meters, which have been built in Serbia by Vahali shipyard.

Luxurious and meticulously maintained accommodation

With our fleet of River Cruise Ships we guarantee luxury, well maintained and flexible accommodations for every possible occasion. Rijfers River Cruises, now the largest Dutch shipping company in passenger transport, is part of the holding company to which River Tech B.V. (2007) belongs, the specialist in nautical management and European river cruises.

Innovation surprises our customers

Rijfers River Cruises rents River Cruise Ships off-season for the business market. This offers the customer many advantages, director Johan Rijfers knows: “Not only excellent value for money and luxury at an affordable price. We have also built a reputation in regards to reliability and for passion for our occupation. I’ve personally sailed for over thirty, always with the greatest of pleasure. As an entrepreneur, I delight in innovatively solving problems for the business community. Such as: Where can I quickly find reliable and luxurious accommodation for a reasonable price? Customers are often pleasantly surprised when they hear what the possibilities are.”

Guests feel at home

Operations manager Andrea Lejckova has been involved in the company since the start of Rijfers River Cruises in 2004. She is responsible for all operational matters on board, including managing hotel facilities, customer contact, processing of the ship’s administration and the planning of renovations. “I find it enjoyable but also important that everything that happens on board leads to the customer’s satisfaction. For me, hygiene and appearance are paramount and that our guests are happy and really feel at home with our friendly staff. We strive to provide our guests with something extra so they will want to come back on board with us again. That gives me great satisfaction!”

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