Award winning cuisine

Good food and drink ensures every stay is a success. On our River Cruises, you can count on high-quality catering. From cocktail to champagne, to a six-course dinner with wine pairing and luxurious breakfast buffet to surprise snacks in between. French haute cuisine, Italian creativity or Japanese sophistication – everything is possible. You simply have to enjoy!

Customers appreciate our catering with a two-rosette “Good Food Award” – the highest rating for customer satisfaction when it comes to catering!

Rijfers River Cruises works together with renowned catering company Chefs Sea ( From Chef Cook to the waiters, our staff are knowledgeable, friendly, well dressed, and service oriented to the highest of standards.

Hire a River Cruise Ship? This is your guarantee of culinary quality and freedom of choice:

  • two-rosette “Good Food Award”
  • our Chefs think along with you
  • additional options for special occasions
  • sustainable and safe cuisine.


We offer additional options for special and festive occasions. Beautiful flowers as table arrangements. Printed menus which are specially made for you. Seating arrangements with exclusive name cards. Or an up-to-date technical installation with projector, screen and microphone for the perfect technical support of your presentation or entertainment during dinner. The Captain’s dinner is very popular with our guests as the Chefs put on a complete show. And as fabulous finale, baked Alaska – an ice cream cake with fireworks!

Sustainable and safe

The kitchens on our River Cruise Ships are HACCP certified and equipped with the most modern, professional equipment. Our Chefs meet the highest of education criteria and regularly follow refresher courses. They remain up-to-date with all the latest culinary techniques and possibilities. Our River Cruise Ships score extremely high in terms of sustainability and safety. The main rules are no waste of food, refuse is recycled properly, and always adhere to the strictest rules for hygiene and food safety. Regular checks and exercises ensure these rules are followed.

These River Cruise Ships are for hire. Want to know more?

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