River Cruise Ship rental

Rent a river cruise? Rijfers River Cruises is the specialist in luxury river cruise ship rental for the business market.

Rent a river cruise ship to offer hotel accommodation, for temporary accommodation for additional staff, as a restaurant (our catering is top quality), as a party venue or as a special place for your product presentation, training sessions, symposiums, networking events and traveling exhibitions. Everything is possible. Our ships have all the equipment aboard to offer you every facility you may require. Moreover: Sailing is a unique sensation that will make your party, meeting or activity extra special!

Customised Work

Hiring a River Cruise Ship is customised work. Prices and availability are determined by location, availability, itinerary, the number of people, your catering choices and required facilities, among other things. We offer large discounts in the off-seasons.

Guided Tour

Interested? If so, we’d be pleased to invite you on a guided tour on one of our River Cruise Ships. Experiencing one of our cruises will show you exactly what you can expect to receive from us. Thereafter, you will receive a clear, specified quote that is tailored to your specific wishes. Only then  you may decide if you’d like to do business with us.

Hire a River Cruise Ship? Our ships, fully outfitted and stocked for every possible need, sail all major European rivers. Everything on board exudes comfort and quality. Click on one of the pictures and have a quick look!

These River Cruise Ships are for hire. Want to know more?

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